Janelle Wong | Asian American Immigration and the Future Shift in Political Demographics


Janelle Wong is an American Studies Professor for the University of Maryland. She recently “Immigrants, Evangelicals, and Politics in an Era of Demographic Change”. Janelle walks through the Asian American immigration journey and explains how US immigration policy, played a large role in selecting the most educated from their nations. Additionally, we analyze this relatively new immigration influx and determine how it may play a part in shaping the direction of politics in the future.

Sirine Shebaya | Muslim Ban, Family Separation and Detainee Rights


Civil rights attorney and interim legal director of Muslim Advocates, Sirine Shebaya joins. Sirine shares her work on Muslim ban litigation, family separation her experiences at the border, as well as the rights that immigration detainees hold. Recent data shows, that there has been an 84 percent decrease in permanent resident visas issued to Muslim immigrants over the last year, Sirine speaks to this matter and how her group is working to protect the religious rights of citizens in this country.

Immigration Compliance: Tech Mobility Leadership Panel | February 21


The panel discusses government affairs policy positions and goals for tech industry leaders, as well as immigration compliance issues in the wake of increased enforcement. Led by leaders in the tech industry and seasoned attorneys who routinely work on I-9 compliance issues that HR professionals routinely see. 

Panelists Include:

  • Hiba M. Anver, Senior Managing Attorney for Erickson Immigration Group
  • Cait McKinney, Riot Games
  • Joty Paparello, Sr. VP Worldwide Human Resources at MicroStrategy
  • Diane Rish, Associate Director of Government Relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) in Washington, D.C.

Robinson Woodward-Burns | How African Americans Turned “The American Dream” Into a Reality For All Americans


“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

These words reach ears with an aura of romanticism; they appeal to the highest aspirations within us all and they entice millions to come and maximize their abilities in this great nation. As Black History Month comes to an end, we welcome Howard University political science professorRobinson Woodward-Burns and we discuss the role African Americans had in turning those words from theoretical promise into a tangible reality for all by becoming citizens of the United States.


For more, follow Robinson on-

Twitter: @rwbdc

Website: woodwardburns.com

Ron Hira | Criticism of the H-1B Program: Debate Club


We have Ron Hira, Howard Professor and Co-author of his latest publication “Reforming US High Skilled Guestworker Program” which was published in the Atlantic Council. Along with Erickson Immigration Group Attorneys Justin Parsons and Hiba Anver the three debate his critics on the H-1b system over whether it inherently exploits Immigration workers for cheaper labor which invariably dispossess qualified US workers. Both parties agree there should be a system that finds the best and brightest while at the same time not overlooking American workers or under compensating immigrants. This conversation confronts the terms of where that line should lie.

Tony Centeno: Grammy Nominated 21 Savage Deportation Breakdown - Staying or Leaving?


Grammy-nominated Rapper 21 Savage was apprehended by ICE earlier this month for overstaying his visa. Although he was released on bond this Wednesday, his permanent stay in America still lies in jeopardy potentially leaving behind his 3 American born children, millions of dollars of revenue and countless fans who support him in the US. Aside from a multimillion-dollar career, this is a story all too familiar for thousands of families separated under the same circumstance. Erickson Immigration Group Attorney's Justin Parsons and Hiba Anver join along with special guest  XXL Magazine Journalist Tony Centeno to share 21’s story. Effectively putting a face and a name to what many families are currently going through today. This one we did for the culture.



The Rabbit, Rooster and Ram: Celebrating Lunar New Year


In Celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, we have Erickson Immigration Group Attorneys Stephanie Tan and Dora Wang joining. We explore the history and centuries-old lore behind the new year as well as Stephanie and Wang’s family traditions during this time. The Lunar New Year is a celebration of good fortune and a promise of prosperity for the ones you love.

Government Reopened: What’s Up Next?


Erickson Immigration Attorney Lieselot Whitbeck sheds light on the specifics over the temporary removal of the government shutdown and what that will mean for immigration services moving forward. This is a short and sweet update for those tracking the ever-changing events happening in DC.

Betto Arcos | From Veracruz, Mexico to NPR’s Airways: Part 2


Part 2 of the conversation with Betto Arcos. Enjoy!

Betto Arcos | From Veracruz, Mexico to NPR’s Airways: An Immigrant’s Story part 1


From Veracruz Mexico to traveling the world reporting on music for NPR and BBC, Betto Arcos takes us through his personal journey from humble beginnings to broadcasting for some of the world’s top media publications. His work ethic, undying faith in himself and a little bit of luck helped him realize what we all aspire to strive for, the American dream. This is an immigrant’s story.

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