Claudia Cubas | A Voice for the Voiceless: Driving Asylum Law and Government Shutdown’s Effect on Detention Centers


CAIR Coalition Litigation Director, Claudia Cubas joins. We discuss the latest court cases that are currently moving the needle in asylum law. In an age where the country is tightening the restrictions on the admittance of asylum seekers Claudia, and her team continue to bring a voice to the voiceless. We also touch upon how the government shutdown affects agencies operating detention centers, and what that means for occupants housed in centers currently unfunded.


Ian Kullgren | The Great Wall of Economics


Politico Journalist Ian Kullgren joins today. He specializes in both international and domestic labor. As the economy continues to grow domestically how are companies responding to instances of worker shortages? Where does the China Trade deal stand now? Which economy has leverage? This and more global economic questions are answered, today we talk business.


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Global Trend Towards Protectionism: How Are Countries Reacting?


The global economic arena has witnessed a gradual yet consistent trend towards protectionist values. Erickson Immigration Group’s global attornies Salman Cheema and Tarunpal Dhillon discuss this trend of how specific countries are tightening their standards on international candidates and provides tips to companies and employees on key ways to navigate this new economic environment.


Border Wall Funding: How Would a Government Shutdown Affect You?


Welcome to Immigration Nerds, today we have Erickson Immigration Group Attorney Krystal Kirst joining the podcast. Yesterday the government passed the Stop gap Bill which continues government funding until February 8th. However earlier today, Paul Ryan announced that Trump will not be signing the bill, putting the government once again back into limbo. The friction between both parties lies upon the topic of border security and whether funding will go toward building the Mexican border wall. Krystal helps shed light on where the parties stand now and give insight into what could happen to immigration-related agencies if the government is in fact shut down. The government has till the end of the day tomorrow to decide that fate.


USCIS Changes to H-1B Cap: Q and A Part 2


Part 2 of the H-1B Webinar Q and A section. If you have any further questions please tweet us at EIGNerdspodcast. Enjoy


USCIS Changes to H-1B Cap: New Year, New Proposals Part 1


Erickson Immigration Group Attorneys' Justin Parsons, Jeff Quilhot and Hiba Anver hold a webinar on the latest proposal to H-1B Cap.

Namely 1, Requiring petitioners to register electronically. And 2, Reversing the order in which Lottery selections are made in order to increase the amount of master’s degree’s admitted into the country. USCIS argues this proposal will help save money for company’s and petitioners during the process as well as attract higher skilled workers into the U.S. EIG breaks down this proposal and analyzes it’s real-world implications if passed, and how would it affect company’s and applicants this coming lottery season.


Pitfalls of Hiring Without Degree Requirements


As the global economic trend continues to shift from a Credential based hiring system to Skill based, many companies, are beginning to hiring highly qualified employees who happened to gain their experience outside of a formal education institution. However possessing a Bachelor or Master’s Degree, is one of the Hallmark requirements for obtaining an H-1B visa. Erickson Immigration group Attorneys Kane Vongsavangh and Xavier Francis consider the future implications of this hiring trend in relation to USCIS’s standards, and how companies may navigate this potential roadblock.


I-9 Compliance & Site Visits: Staying Protected From Investigation


Erickson Immigration Group Attorney Miatrai Brown shares the latest in the government's tightening on I-9 compliance and provides ways for companies to prepare themselves in an event of an investigation.

Executive Producer: Ian Gaines


Tom Jawetz | Midterm Elections, Migration Caravan and Birthright Citizenship


Today's guest is Tom Jawetz, Vice President of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress. He is joined by Erickson Immigration group’s Managing Attorney Justin Parsons and Senior Attorney Meena Rafie. Together the group breaks down the Midterm elections and how it may shape a more sensible approach to immigration policy. Additionally, Tom gives us an in-depth look into the current situation with the Caravan migration and provides the underlining philosophy behind the actions of the White House. And lastly, Birthright citizenship…Prepare not to be surprised.

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Executive Producer: Ian Gaines


Dual Citizenship


Attorney John Sherry explains the process of receiving dual citizenship, he sheds light on this often overlooked possibility. The possibility to tie identity not only to one's blood but to the very land.


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