Greg Chen | USCIS Deferred Action Changes, Subpar Border Conditions and What Agencies Are Doing About It


This  week was filled with news of consecutive restrictive measures taken place within immigration. To make sense of the week and to address what is being done about it, we brought in a dedicated advocate within the space, Greg Chen. Greg is the Director of Government Relations for American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). He directs his team in congressional advocacy, legislative reform, and interacting with major government agencies providing services to over 16,000 AILA lawyers to help make sure their cases with families and agencies are handled appropriately.

Hidetaka Hirota | The Origins of Public Charge


The idea of denying outsiders based upon their likelihood of success in America is an enforcement, that predates immigration law itself. It’s the question of, are you likely to be a burden on society or not? In history, the faces and nationalities of who America deemed capable of carrying their weight, has changed throughout time. So today we take a historical approach to the idea and welcome History professor Hidetaka Hirota from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. We discuss how culture, religion, and race have explicitly been used to determine who would be a drain on society within the eyes of ruling America.

BONUS: Dany Bahar | Venezuelan Mass Migration in Face of Civil Unrest


BONUS EPISODE: 4-6 million Venezuelan’s have fled the country to date, nearly 20% of the entire country's population. Brookings Institution’s Dany Bahar details the surrounding political, social and economic conditions responsible for this mass migration, and what it means for the Venezuelan people, government and neighboring countries.

Dany Bahar | The Economics of Immigration: Innovations Driven by the Immigrant Mind


David M. Rubenstein Fellow, Dany Bahar, from Brookings Institution, joins Immigration Nerds.

How do you quantify the economic value of cultural knowledge? The ability to share one's unique know-how within the marketplace which ultimately leads to new innovations. How would you collect this hand full of intangibles and somehow alchemize it into numbers, graphs, and powerpoints? Dany is tackling just that. Through his studies and research, we discuss the more implicit factors of how migrants contribute to economic growth in a nation.

Who is Boris Johnson? Deal or No Deal


Who is the man now charged with carrying the weight of an entire country, and holding the keys to its destiny. A man of the people? Or a product of the institution? Legal Writer Kahn Branch joins again, giving us an update on Brexits status and what their new prime ministers plans for it.

A Week in Immigration: HR 1044, Trump’s Asylum Plan and Congress Hearing on Processing Delays


Storm Estep, Senior Attorney for Erickson immigration group joins the podcast. Over the past several weeks we have been bombarded with Immigration updates and news, and rather than do a separate episode for each topic we decided to condense all into one. We cover HR 1044 and how it will affect application times. Trump’s asylum plan, the latest in the proposed Safe Third Country agreement with Guatemala and Lastly congress’s attempt to tackle processing delays.

Volunteering at the Border: Life and Stories of Unaccompanied Minors


Today we are joined by Taylor Gibson, Law Clerk for Erickson Immigration Group. We discuss her week as a volunteer working with unaccompanied minors at the border. Through her account, we enter the lives and stories of those separated from their families and explore fully the conditions they’re currently living in. Sometimes, to properly appreciate a circumstance, we need someone to take our hand and guide us through reality. Timely and proper insight.

Megan Essaheb | How to Influence Immigration Legislation and Advocacy in Congress


Director of Immigration Advocacy at Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Megan Essaheb, joins the podcast.

We talk about how new immigration policies are introduced and advocated for in Congress. In addition, we touch upon the latest in humanitarian aid at the border and how her organization works to stay at the forefront of influencing immigration legislation.

From grassroots to the Hill AAJC covers the full spectrum.

Marcelo Barros | U.S. Job Seeking Strategies for International Students


Today we are joined by Marcelo Barros, international student career expert, and founder of the International Advantage.

International advantage's mission is to help international students stand out, showcase their strengths, beat visa odds, and secure jobs in the United States. The International Advantage partners with universities to help foreign students capitalize on the unique value they bring to American employers. Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Georgetown, Texas A&M, and the University of Pittsburgh are examples of some of the schools The International Advantage partners with.

He joins us today to share a few of these strategies. 


Rachel Levitan | No Refugee Left Behind


Rachel Levitan, Vice President of International Programs for HIAS joins the podcast. 

HIAS has over 130 years worth of experience in providing health and safety services for refugees. They help those who are displaced to live, develop and thrive in a safe environment.

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