Megan Essaheb | How to Influence Immigration Legislation and Advocacy in Congress


Director of Immigration Advocacy at Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Megan Essaheb, joins the podcast.

We talk about how new immigration policies are introduced and advocated for in Congress. In addition, we touch upon the latest in humanitarian aid at the border and how her organization works to stay at the forefront of influencing immigration legislation.

From grassroots to the Hill AAJC covers the full spectrum.

Marcelo Barros | U.S. Job Seeking Strategies for International Students


Today we are joined by Marcelo Barros, international student career expert, and founder of the International Advantage.

International advantage's mission is to help international students stand out, showcase their strengths, beat visa odds, and secure jobs in the United States. The International Advantage partners with universities to help foreign students capitalize on the unique value they bring to American employers. Harvard, Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Georgetown, Texas A&M, and the University of Pittsburgh are examples of some of the schools The International Advantage partners with.

He joins us today to share a few of these strategies. 


Rachel Levitan | No Refugee Left Behind


Rachel Levitan, Vice President of International Programs for HIAS joins the podcast. 

HIAS has over 130 years worth of experience in providing health and safety services for refugees. They help those who are displaced to live, develop and thrive in a safe environment.

Census 2020: Could an Entire Country Be Gerrymandered?


Jeremy Dumetz, Attorney for Erickson Immigration joins. We discuss the 2020 Census and the potential of adding a citizenship question to the form.

Brexit’s Summer Calendar 2019


Today we revisit Brexit.

Legal Writer, Kahn Branch, walks us through UK’s political summer calendar.

We discuss:

  • Theresa Mays resignation
  • Deal or no deal Brexit options
  • The EU Summit
  • Election of the new Prime Minister and more

UPDATE: Social Media Accounts Now Will Be Collected From Visa Applicants


 A quick update:


Social Media...In 2019 it has become the bedrock of our social lives. Every event, every emotion and seemingly down to every life  moment is being captured and shared with our friends families and digitally anonymous onlookers. However, what has been used as an  intimacy building platform for most, has become a data collecting gold mine for others. And on Friday, May 31st, The Department of Homeland Security decided to grab their collective pick axes 

The Unified Regulatory Agenda: Love it, Hate it, How Would You Rate It?


We have 6 rapid fire rounds analyzing the latest spring 2019 regulatory proposals.
For each proposal, EIG Attorneys Storm Estep and Ryan Knight answer: 
  1. "Love it" "Hate it" and "How do you Rate it"
  2. "Likelihood of rule being adopted?"
  3. "If Adopted, what social impact/outcome do you see in Result"

White House New Immigration Policy Proposal: A Merit or Family Based System?


Will we have an immigration system based on the value of merit or one based on family. What direction will our country decide to head towards next?

EIG Attorney Ryan Knight joins the podcast

Your Guide to International Travel: A Travelers Checklist


Today we have for you a travelers checklist. Immigration Nerds attorneys provide tips and tricks for visa stamping, the consular process, change of status as well as a few pointers for acing the interview at the consulate office. Here is your guide for international travel.

ICE Passes Agreement Allowing Local Law Enforcement to Detain Illegal Immigrants


Immigration Nerds Producer Ian Gaines speaks on ICE's Warrant Service Officer Agreement (WSO). Released Nationwide on Monday.

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